Applying Dirichlet series to the theories of money and economic growth

Evgeny Melokumov

Moscow Society of Nature Researchers

The paper analyzes money as a function of state of the global economic system, relative to the system’s work performed in the biosphere, namely energy function of state of the world economic system. The economic model is constructed where Drichlet series being applied with so called ‘autotrophy-ecological utility’ as a parameter quantified by the use of an economic entity’s resources towards investment and consumption, as well as parameter of energy intensity. The author argues that the theory of money is an essential step towards reaching ecological rationality in a constructive way. The paper further shows that the concept of effectiveness in the economy can be derived from the method of determining the concept of money. The principle of invariance of macroeconomic regulation is derived. Specifically, it is argued that the best combination of market and centralized regulative methods in the economy could be achieved within the process of forming a geo-ecological global economy with effective employment (full employment under compensatory use of resources) as its main underlying principle.

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