August ASAUEE News of Ecological Economy

From the Argentine-Uruguayan Association of Ecological Economics we want to invite you to be part of a learning space in Ecological Economics in Uruguay .

This space proposes a series of meetings that will take place in a modality to be decided collectively in the first instance (s) (group of studies, research, action). It is proposed to start from monthly meetings on a day to be defined according to the majority of the participants.

The first instance will be on Wednesday, August 7 at 6:00 p.m. in Soriano 1153 (Montevideo, Uruguay), and will have an introductory presentation on the subject. The planned schedule is from 18 to 20 hours.

Please confirm attendance!

What is the Ecological Economy?

“Ecological economists see the economy as if it were composed of three levels.

Upstairs is the attic and over-attic, a luxurious well-furnished penthouse with warm carpets, with roulette and baccarat rooms, where debts that for a time can grow exponentially are recorded and negotiated. The inhabitants of this apartment want to send throughout the building, imposing the ‘Debt.’

In the middle, there is a huge apartment with many busy people, which seems to be the main one because it contains the so-called productive economy or real economy where goods and services are produced and consumed.

Below is the ‘real-real’ economy, the basement with the engine room, the entrance and the deposit of coal and other materials, and the dirty room of garbage. That basement provides energy and materials to the building and also serves as a sump, the crap is filtered into the aquifer. It doesn’t matter, they say, that is solved by adding another department to the first floor’s productive economy: water purification and sale.The ‘real-real’ economy provides fuels that eventually convert to carbon dioxide and change the climate. It doesn’t matter, they say, carbon sequestration will come soon and in the meantime let’s pay for carbon uptake in eucalyptus plantations. Of course, eucalyptus dry the soil. It does not matter, we will put purified water to water them. Pure green economy! ”Joan Martinez Alier (2012), Ecological Economics and Environmental Justice. 

“Ecological economics […] is a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary field of academic research that addresses the interdependence and coevolution of human economies and natural ecosystems, both intertemporally and spatially. By treating the economy as a subsystem of the ecosystem more Earth’s great and emphasize the preservation of ‘natural capital’, the field of ecological economics differs from environmental economics, which is the predominant economic analysis of the environment. ” Excerpt from the article “Economic Ecology”, Wikipedia in English .



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