Bina Agarwal Articles and Collaborations

Livelihoods in COVID times: Gendered perils and New pathways in India

Agarwal, Bina. 2021. “Livelihoods in COVID times: Gendered perils and New pathways in India”, World Development, vol. 139, 2021.

Revisiting Group Farming in a Post-Socialist Economy

Agarwal, Bina, Melinda Dobay, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler. 2020. “Revisiting group farming in a post-socialist economy: The case of Romania”, Journal of Rural Studies, open access:

Can Agriculture and the Rural Sector Jumpstart India’s Economy?

Agarwal, Bina. 2020. Indian Express, “Can agriculture and the rural sector jumpstart India’s economy”.

Experiments in Farmers’ Collectives in Eastern India and Nepal

Agarwal, Bina with several others. 2020. “Experiments in farmers’ collectives in Eastern India and Nepal: Process, benefits, and challenges”, Journal of Agrarian Change, July. open-access link:



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