Building Credibility in Carbon Footprint Information

The 5th PCF World Summit on Implementing the International PCF Standards: Building Credibility in Carbon Footprint Information is approaching. It will take place in a month, on 7-8 April 2011 at the notable Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. An updated programme is available.

Short programme overview:  We are honored to open the 5th PCF World Summit with a keynote by the Swiss Minister of the Environment, Doris Leuthard, followed by Hans-Peter Fricker, CEO of WWF Switzerland, Herbert Bolliger, President of the Executive Board of Migros, and Markus Nägeli, CEO of Canon Switzerland.

Rasmus Priess of the PCF World Forum, Holly Lahd from WRI / GHG Protocol Initiative, Ahmad Ansari from SGS, Greg Norris, Founder of Sylvatica and New Earth, and Roland Hischier from the ecoinvent Centre will shed different lights on the issues of credibility, assurance and verification of carbon footprint information on Day 1. The issue of credibility and verification will be continued on Day 2 with a plenary discussion on The Future of Credibility in Carbon Footprinting and a break out group debate on The Credibility and Relevance of Carbon Offsetting during the open space session.

Practical experience from the cement, fruits and beer sectors will be shared by Bruno Vanderborght, Senior Vice-President Climate Change at Holcim, Ralph Huggel, Country Manager Switzerland of Chiquita, and Heinz Schmid, Managing Director of Climatop.

Maureen Nowak from defra UK, Sylvain Chevassus from the French Ministry of Sustainable Development, and Pascal Gréverath, Nestlé Director for Environmental Sustainability and Co-Chair European Food SCP Roundtable, will provide updates on country and sector initiatives.

Insights into the emergence of carbon footprint standards from an emerging economy and small farmer point of view and its implications for international trade will be given by José-Antonio Monteiro, World Trade Organisation, Katharina Plassmann from the German Institute of Agricultural Climate Research, Norma Tregurtha, ISEAL Alliance, and Hans-Peter Egler, Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO Economic Cooperation and Development.

Finally, updates on international standardization processes and developments in carbon footprinting will complete the Summit with Shabbir H. Gheewala from the King Mongkut‘s University of Technology Thonburi of Thailand, Klaus Radunsky of the Austrian Federal Environment Agency and Convener ISO 14067, Cynthia Cummis of the WRI / GHG Protocol Initiative and Pavel Misiga, DG Environment of the European Commission.

Given the success of open space discussions in the past, the 5th Summit will give its participants the opportunity to address and discuss topics of interest on both days.

Find the full programme of the 5th PCF World Summit on our website. If you haven’t already done it, don’t forget to choose your conference package now and reserve your seat by using the fax form at the end of the programme or by visiting the online webshop.  We recommend you to consider your participation to the Low Carbon Network Dinner on the evening of Day 1. This time, it will take place at the "Zunfthaus zur Saffran" in the centre of Zurich, the guild house of traders and wholesale merchants and a landmark of Zurich’s strong tradition of trade.

About the 5th PCF World Summit:  Carbon footprinting plays an increasingly important role in environmental and sustainability strategies of companies. The upcoming international standards constitute an important milestone contributing to a uniform implementation of carbon management and for communication with customers and stakeholders. They need to have trust in the information provided. This is particularly important when carbon footprint information is used in marketing claims and corporate communication. But also the data infrastructure needs to be robust and reliable so that companies undertaking carbon footprint calculations have trust in their underlying integrity.

With PCF standards such as GHG Protocol, ISO 14067 an the French Environmental Labelling scheme emerging, an important question still remains: How to achieve credibility and trust in carbon footprint information when implementing these standards? How can assurance and verification contribute to building trust? How is this question considered in different international initiatives and programs? What is its practical relevance and implication for emerging economies and international trade? These questions will be explored at the upcoming 5th PCF World Summit. Find the further information on the PCF World Forum website.

Please note the two next events taking place shortly before the Summit | Cliick here for further information.

PCF World Forum Dialogue Forum "Low Carbon Food Chain – Quo Vadis?", 31 March 2011, Berlin

  • What protocols exist to measure the climate impact of food products?
  • What approaches and criteria are developed and implemented to reduce the climate impact of food chains?
  • What developments can we expect in the short to medium term?

Much of the carbon footprinting debates evolve around agriculture and food products. Significant efforts are undertaken to better measure and tackle emissions from food and agricultural products. In the dialogue forum initiatives and practitioners from the food chain will present and discuss status, approaches and prospects for promoting low carbon food chains. You can now register online for the dialogue forum.

2nd Product Category Rule (PCR) Round Table, 6 April 2011, Zurich

The PCR Round Table starts at 10 am on 6 April, the day before the Summit, at a venue near the Summit location. It will bring together representatives from organisations involved in international standards or product/ sector rule development. Pathways for future international alignment of product and sector rules will be discussed. Participation is restricted. Please contact us in case of interest.

We are looking forward to strong dialogues paving the way towards low carbon consumption and production in 2011.

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