Call for Papers ANZSEE 2019 Conference

Call for papers ANZSEE 2019 Conference
Ecological Economics:
Solutions Now and In the Future
24–26 November 2019, RMIT University, Melbourne

The urgency for ecological solutions continues to mount with delays in addressing significant local to global environmental and social problems of a changing climate. Appropriate approaches and techniques for rebalancing human–nature interaction are central to ecological economics and a viable future for humankind. This conference will debate both:

  • the future of ecological economics as a transdisciplinary area of studies, and
  • roles for ecological economics in our future.

We call for abstracts for contributors of papers to our conference. Indicative topics follow.

  • Ecological economics Defining, framing and understanding ecological economics for current ecological and economic challenges — where to now?
  • Sustainable urban, rural and regional futures Ecologically economic cities — vital rural and regional areas — post-anthropogenic cities — integrating urban and rural economic and ecological rifts — innovative governance in sustainable urban, rural and regional futures.
  • Ecological limits and planetary boundaries Population limits — planetary limits — economics and planetary limits — the I=PAT formula today — immigration policies, refugees and migration — the problem of denial of limits.
  • Ecological ethics and worldviews Intrinsic value/s of nature — eco-centrism — ecodemocracy — ecological justice.
  • First Nations and Indigenous economies First Nations economics — decolonising ecological economies — innovative case studies from indigenous communities.
  • Transformative technologies in a bounded world Appropriate technologies for, and threats to, ecologically balanced human societies.
  • Embedding ecological economics into education systems Key ecological economics concepts and approaches — case studies, proposals and existing practices.
  • Communicating ecological economics; influencing decision makers Defining and framing ecological economics— grassroots movements and ecological economics — effective communication models and processes — ecological economics informing economic transformation.

Please send abstracts (250 word limit) and bios (150-word limit) to conference coordinator Anitra Nelson — — by 11.59 pm Friday 15 April 2019. Include a short title and up to four keywords for your contribution. We expect the selection process to be finalised by Monday 15 May 2019.

Requirements for contributions to conference publications will be announced in due course.Prior to the conference we will include select short interventions on our ANZSEE site and invite posters for exhibition during the conference.


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