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2019 ISEE President’s Greeting

The President’s greeting on the 2019 threshold Dear Collegues and Friends – I would like to remind you that the mission of ISEE consists of extending and integrating the understanding of the interfaces and interplay

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World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity Posted by Stuart Scott, ISEE Strategist, I have been collaborating with the group that issued the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity – Second Notice in December 2017.  The result

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September 24 Deadline for COP-24

Posted by Stuart Scott, ISEE Strategist  COP-24 This year the ISEE has been granted provisional* Observer status to the UNFCCC climate negotiations.  I applied for this status, with Anne Aitken’s assistance, and I am now

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The Plastic Issue and Economics

Sir David Attenborough posted on his Facebook page about the damage we are inflicting using plastic. At a landfill in Spain, a stork entangled with a plastic bag was freed by the photographer. Sadly, a

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Attack on Brazilian Raoni Valle

Last March 9 night, the Brazilian documentarist, archaeologist and activist of the indigenous cause, Raoni Bernardo Maranhão Valle, was attacked on the porch of his house in Alter do Chão, Pará state. Two men approached

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Online SDG Academy Course

Peter May shares with you the preview of the online SDG Academy course entitled “From the Ground Up: Protecting and Managing our Terrestrial Ecosystems“ on biodiversity, land use and forests in which I have participated

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Radical Ecological Economics

In Radical Ecological Economics author David Barkin describes how Communities are realizing that they can be better off by taking control over their territories and organizing themselves collectively to assure the production of their needs and the conservation

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2017 Leontief Prize Winners

James K. Boyce and Joan Martinez-Alier “Economics, Equity, and the Environment” On March 28, the Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE) awarded the 2017 Leontief Prize to Dr. James Boyce and Dr. Joan Martinez-Alier for

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Dr. Deepak Malghan Wins Award

Dr. Deepak Malghan wins Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao Award in Social Sciences The prize takes note of his original research and recognises his contributions to the development of knowledge in the field of Human Geography and

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