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2016 Kenneth Boulding Award Announced!

The International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) announces the 2016 recipients of the Kenneth Boulding Award that will be presented at the 2016 ISEE Conference June 26 to 29 on the campus of the University

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Student Representation in ISEE

In the very lively final plenary of our ISEE meeting in Iceland this year, there was a call for greater involvement of young members of our community in the dealings of the Society. I want

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2015 Elinor Ostrom Prize Shortlist

A prize of £1000 is awarded each year for the best full-length article published in the Journal of Institutional Economics in the preceding calendar year. The award is funded by the Foundation for European Economic

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Tribute to Kenneth Boulding

Tribute to Kenneth Boulding by 2014 award recipient Peter Victor Peter Victor paid tribute to Kenneth Boulding at the meeting of the International Society for Ecological Economics at Reykjiavik, Iceland on 13th August 2014 at

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Do we dare to question economic growth?

By Warwick Smith First published at The Guardian on 13 October 2014. We’ve all been so effectively sold the line that endless growth is essential to maintain and improve our quality of life. This couldn’t

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