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Recent Publications

Real People, Real Impacts: The Climate Impact
Equity Lens

SEI report, also available as
SEI policy brief

The CIEL Backgrounder: Understanding the Climate Impact Equity Lens

SEI technical report

Development without Carbon: Climate and the Global Economy through the 21st Century

SEI report

Climate Economics: The State of the Art

SEI report

The Social Cost of Carbon

The Environmental Forum 28:6 (Nov/Dec 2011), 38-41

CRED v.1.3 Technical Report

Policy white paper

Regulation of Cooling Water Intake Structures at Existing Facilities

Testimony to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Consumption-based Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Oregon

Report commissioned by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, with Technical Report

Climate Risks and Carbon Prices: Revising the Social Cost of Carbon

E3 Network report

CRED: A new model of climate and development

Ecological Economics, in press

New climate economics: Methodological choices and recommendations

Developing Baselines for Climate Policy Analysis

Accounting for Risk and Uncertainty in Climate Policy Assessment

The Economics of Climate Change in China: Towards a Low-Carbon Economy

Earthscan book

Estimating Regions’ Relative Vulnerability to Climate Damages in the CRED Model

SEI Working Paper WP-US-1103, updated January 2012

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