Climate Seminar: Revkin on Copenhagen / Markey on Washington

This Wednesday, The National Climate Seminar features leading environmental journalist Andy Revkin from The New York Times. Revkin will talk on “The Road to Copenhagen”. What kind of deal is likely to emerge? Will Senate failure to act in advance of the meeting slow progress? Will Obama be there? Does it matter?

Time is 3 PM eastern. Call in number is 712-432-3100; conference code, 253385. Send advance questions for Revkin to Join us for stimulating discussion!

Next Wednesday, 11/11 we plan to have the Honorable Edward Markey on the line, providing unique insight into “What Washington Needs”. His appearance is subject to potential schedule changes—look for the final word early next week.

We will have the spring schedule for the Seminar finalized soon: among others, look forward to hearing from Joe Romm and Ross Gelbspan.

Following the call with Revkin, we’ll provide an update on Senate Swamping options. In particular, help us organize a state-wide conference call with the DC environmental staff of your US Senators. You can brief them on sustainability initiatives, and they can explain their position on climate and clean energy to a state-wide audience. It is a terrific way that you can make a difference in the next few critical months.

With the stakes in Copenhagen and in Washington so high, thank you for the work you are doing. And please register your own views with your US Senators, every week.

Professor Eban Goodstein,
Director National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions

The National Climate Seminar is hosted by The Bard Center for Environmental Policy, and made possible by a grant from the Clif Bar Family Foundation.


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