COP-25 Santiago Chile

Want to attend COP-25
2019 UN Climate Negotiations in Santiago, Chile?

The ISEE now has Observer Status at the UNFCCC’s annual climate negotiations, known as the COP or Conference of Parties.  This year COP-25, will take place in Santiago, Chile from 2-13 December.

Stuart Scott, one of our members, has been producing a half-hour daily video program at the annual COPs for some years, alternately calling the programs ClimateMatters.TV and ScientistsWarning.TV.  At COP-23 in Bonn, Germany he did a series of 4 programs with ISEE members as guests.  He would like to continue the series again this year.  As is increasingly reflected in scientific assessments, social commentary and the mainstream media, humanity’s survival hinges upon whether or not we can change the current defective ‘operating system’ of civilization, NeoClassical growth economics.

If you are interested in attending the climate talks as part of the ISEE delegation, and possibly participate as a guest on one of the daily ScientistsWarning.TV programs, please send an email to, with the following information from your passport. This information is required by the UNFCCC:

  • Salutation:
  • Given Name:
  • Middle Name (if on Passport):
  • Family Name:
  • Organization (optional):
  • Date of Birth: (DD/MM/YYYY) Please be careful to get the order correct.
  • Passport Number:
  • Issuing Nation:
  • Email Address:

We are especially interested in participation from ISEE members living in South America or Mezo-America to minimize the carbon footprint of travel to the climate talks.  Note that accreditation badges are scarce, but we will get them in proportion to how many we ask for.


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