Daly Questionnaire

Daly QuestionnairePeter A. Victor Ph.D., FRSC, Professor Emeritus of York University, Canada is writing a biography of Herman Daly. The biography will be published by Routledge.

He needs your assistance in telling the story of Herman Daly’s life and work. Herman has influenced many through his publications and more directly for some, through knowing him as a person.

Members of the ISEE which Herman co-founded in 1989, are invited to participate. Dr. Victor would like to learn from your perspectives on Herman and his work.

To participate, complete the brief online questionnaire that was created for this purpose. Your responses will be confidential unless you explicitly give your permission for Dr. Victor to quote from your written answers.

Please submit your completed questionnaire on or before 31 August. Visit https://bit.ly/pvictorsurvey.

If you have questions, please email peter@pvictor.com.

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