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The SDSN Leadership Council will submit a report entitled “An Action Agenda for Sustainable Development” to the UN Secretary-General. The report draws on the work of the SDSN Thematic Groups.

We believe this represents a policy arena in which we should be making a position. While we certainly can and should opine on all 10 SDGs, we have identified the following specific Goals as within our scope of expertise as a scientific society:

2. Achieve development within planetary boundaries
8. Curb Human-Induced Climate Change and Ensure Clean Energy for All
9. Secure Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Good Management of Natural Resources
10. Transform governance for sustainable development

The measurement of sustainable scale associated with planetary boundaries is a concern clearly identified within Ecological Economics, with the use of the Global Ecosystem Footprint as an appropriate measure to this end. Climate adaptation, instruments for provision of ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation, as well as sustainable development institutions for global and local governance are all themes in which ISEE has made important contributions. 

It is very important for us, from the ISEE community, to discuss this issue and if possible to make a propositions. You may use our blog for this or send your comments direct to the commission.

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This draft has been prepared for public consultation from 7 to 22 May 2013. We welcome comments, corrections, and suggestions on the draft report by 22 May 2013.

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