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Located on the Centre of Ifremer in Brest, the Maritime Economics Unit is an integral component of AMURE, a joint Ifremer-University of Brest research group bringing together economists and lawyers specialized in ocean policy. The focus of the unit is on developing cutting-edge approaches to the economic analysis of pressures on coastal and marine ecosystems, and the evaluation of policy responses to these pressures, taking into account the dynamics of ecosystem uses, and associated ecological impacts.

Under the responsibility of the head of the Maritime Economics Unit of the “Biological Resources and Environment” Department of Ifremer, the researcher will contribute to monitoring, research and expertise activities, particularly as part of externally funded projects. This will involve:

  • The modeling of economic and social processes relating to direct and indirect uses of marine ecosystems and resources (including harvesting, pollution and habitat degradation, restoration, non-extractive uses such as recreational observation), based on a detailed understanding of the behavior and strategies of individual resource users;
  • The modeling of interactions between ecological processes, the dynamics of ecosystem uses, and management systems, and integration of formal representations of these interactions in integrated models aimed at capturing the coupled dynamics of resources, ecosystem services, uses and governance of these uses;
  • Implementing this ecological-economic modeling approach to address issues related to the harvesting of marine biotic resources and environmental management, as part of the Common Fisheries Policy, the Water Framework Directive, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and Marine Protected Areas regulations, as well as Natura 2000, with the aim to strengthen collaborations between groups working across multiple disciplines of the natural and social sciences;
  • Contributing to projects focused on the engagement and participation of managers and stakeholders, and on multi-objective evaluation of public policy;
  • Contributing to the development of high level training for multi-disciplinary research groups engaged in integrated assessment approaches;
  • Via contributions to the development of simulation platforms, increasing the participation and visibility of the AMURE research group in international communities of practice (companion modeling approach, ExtendSim, Cormas).

Profile and skills of applicant

Initial training

  • PhD in Modeling

Research experience

  • Post-Doctoral experience
  • Experience of working in a research organization in France or overseas
  • Participation in research projects involving the participation of stakeholders involved in resource and environmental management
  • Participation in inter-disciplinary research groups

Personal qualities

  • Good organizational and inter-personal relation skills, ability to take on responsibilities

Specific skills

  • Applied mathematics
  • Economic modeling
  • System modeling, agent-based modeling, simulation
  • Computing
  • Operations research
  • Ability to work in English and French
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good communication skills

For more information, follow this link or contact the Maritime Economics Unit of Ifremer by telephone at the following number: +33 2 98 22 47 24 or via email:,,

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