Ecological Economics at COP-21

A Message from Stuart Scott

Will you be going to COP-21 in Paris this year?  Are you interested in going?  Or do you simply live close enough to Paris to come for a day or two?

I have been for some years creating press conferences at the annual FCCC Conference of Parties (COPs) and intercessional meetings.  Some recent ones can be viewed at ClimateMatters.TV.

In my past work I have included kudos to Herman Daly, and presented Ecological Economics as an intervention required to avoid the ecological collapse.  But I am not adequately trained in economics, ecological or mainstream NeoClassical, to really go into appropriate depth.  This year I would like to engage with one or more of you who is trained and either teaching or practicing ecological economics, or both.

The dates on COP-21 in Paris are from November 30th until December 11th.  If we cannot get you into the (highly restricted) COP, the taping could be done outside of the COP.  But if you are already accredited, that would be the best of all.

If you are going to COP-21, or interested in going or simply coming to Paris for videotaped interviews, please contact me directly by email to as soon as possible.


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  1. Arvind Ashta says:

    I live in Dijon and I would love to go. I teach microfinance and financial eco. But I don’t understand technical (scientific) stuff.

    If you don’t find adequate people, I can be a back-up person for a day or two.

    Excellent initiative.

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