ECONOMICS FOR THE ECOZOIC: An online student symposium

ECONOMICS FOR THE ECOZOIC: An online student symposium
Gund Institute for Environment, University of Vermont
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
1:00 – 5:00 pm EST
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Ecological economics is part of an on-going effort to reconcile economic theory and policy with accepted knowledge from other disciplines. This semester’s graduate course in ecological economics – led by the Gund Institute as part of the Economics for the Anthropocene partnership – has addressed the major points of contention between neoclassical welfare economics and ecological economics. As an outcome of this course, students have organized an online research symposium to highlight pathways towards the Ecozoic, a new era of mutually beneficial relationship between each other and with all life on Earth. The symposium is organized as a series of 10-minute talks followed by Q&A.

Anyone is welcome to join via Zoom at any time throughout the afternoon. Sessions, presentations, and speakers are as follows:

(De)Growth: Past & Futures

1:00 pm
Financial History for the Ecozoic
Charles Guay-Boutet, McGill University

1:15 pm
Prospects for Peaceful Degrowth
Nina Smolyar, University of Vermont

1:30 pm
Invited Presentation:
Degrowth as a Radical Alternative to Neoliberalism
Barbara Muraca, Oregon State University

Forming New Relationships between Humans and Earth

2:00 pm
Efficient Agriculture: Nature as a Model”
Malcolm Gore, University of Vermont

2:15 pm
Human-Biodiversity Relationships in Cuban Agriculture
Eva Kinnebrew, University of Vermont

2:30 pm
Mining, Metals, and Minerals in the Ecozoic
Ben Collins, McGill University

2:45 pm
Invited Presentation:
“Fostering Climate Stewardship Among Farmers”
Meredith Niles, University of Vermont

Nothing is that Simple: Adding Dimensions to Equity and Sustainability Tools

3:00 pm
Progress Indicators and Systems Thinking: Ne’er the Twain Shall Meet?
Jeannine Valcour, University of Vermont

3:15 pm
The Space Between the Two Kuznets Curves: a Multi-Dimensional Assessment
Tarek Jallab, University of Vermont

3:30 pm
Invited Presentation:
A Research Agenda for Ecological Economics
Joshua Farley, University of Vermont

Shifting Perspectives from the Individual to the System

4:00 pm
Motivated Reasoning: Science, Skepticism, and Social Safety
John Adams, McGill University

4:15 pm
Tools for Integrating an Ecological Worldview into Policy on a Community Scale
Emma Spett, University of Vermont

4:30 pm
Invited Presentation:
Pick Your Trailhead: Pathways to the Peak of the Steady State Economy
Brian Czech, Center for the Advancement of the Steady-State Economy

Anyone is welcome to join via Zoom at any time throughout the afternoon.

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