Environmental Crises: Does ecological economics have the answers?

Media Release 13 October 2019

Addressing the great challenges of our times: environmental crises and how we can live more sustainably on planet Earth — the Australia New Zealand Society of Ecological Economics (ANZSEE) 2019 conference.

ANZSEE 2019 Conference Registration


  • Joshua Farley (University of Vermont, Burlington, US) on the future of ecological economics
  • Jon Altman (Australian National University, Canberra) on Indigenous peoples and economics
  • Karrina Nolan (Original Power, Melbourne/NT) on Indigenous peoples’ programs
  • Ian Lowe (Griffith University, Queensland) on population growth in cities
  • Mike Berry (RMIT University, Melbourne) on urban economic challenges
  • David Spratt (Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, Victoria) on climate change
  • Harriet O’Shae-Carre & Kaity Thompson (Students Strike 4 Climate, Victoria) on climate action

50+ PANELLISTS such as

Renowned eco-feminist scholar Ariel Salleh, University of Sydney, launching her latest collection Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary.

Co-producer of permaculture doco The Chikukwa ProjectTerry Leahy, University of Newcastle, author of Humanist Realism for Sociologists (2017), Food Security for Rural Africa (2019).  

Sam Alexander, University of Melbourne (MSSI) author of thirteen books including Degrowth in the Suburbs (2019) and Sufficiency Economy: Enough, for Everyone, Forever (2015).

Co-Director of the Center for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy NSW, Haydn Washington, whose books include A Sense of Wonder Towards Nature (2018).

Principal investigator for the Global Change Institute Flagship Project ‘Small Island Initiative for a Plastic Free Ocean’ Anna (Anya) Phelan, University of Queensland.

Neo-Malthusian — limits to growth — theorist, Anthony Richardson, RMIT University, researcher on cities, thermodynamics, the collapse of complex systems and urban resilience.

Ecological economist Mark Diesendorf, University of NSW, on a wholesale transition to renewable energy, energy storage and return on energy invested.

North American representatives of the E4A ‘Economics for the Anthropocene’ postgraduate team: Alice Damiano, Daniel Horen Greenford, Tim Crownshaw and Tina Beigi… (for more, see flyer attached)

Book now $200 (full) $100 (concession) for two full days (25–26 November) —

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