Environmental Footprinting in Europe and Beyond: How Will it Shape the Corporate Agenda?

The upcoming 6th PCF World Summit "Environmental Footprinting in Europe and Beyond: How Will it Shape the Corporate Agenda", on 26-27 October 2011 in Berlin, Germany, will explore current developments around environmental footprinting, i.e. standards, tools and initiatives that address the environmental performance of products and value chains, while keeping an eye on the global challenges and the business and policy imperative.

Registration is still possible online at or via the programme and fax registration form.  We encourage you to reserve your place as soon as possible. The registration deadline is 7 October.

Highlights of the 6th PCF World Summit include:

  • The new GHG Protocol Product and Value Chain (Scope 3) Standards will be introduced and distributed in hardcopy.
  • First experiences and reflections on the currently ongoing National Environmental Labelling Experiment in France will be shared, including cases of participating companies.
  • An update will be given on the currently ongoing EU Environmental Footprinting Pilot Project for the development of a comprehensive environmental footprinting methodology.
  • Current status and practical implementation of standards and initiatives, such as PAS 2050, the Swedish Climate Certification and Japanese Carbon Footprint System, as well as the German Blue Angel will be explained.
  • An interactive session on acquiring and developing the best talent for corporate GHG management and sustainability strategies will be hosted in one of the parallel tracks on Day 1.
  • A joint reflection on predictable and desired developments for the next five years will provide clarity for our individual and common agenda.
  • The traditional low carbon network dinner for relaxed networking.

As well as further excellent networking opportunities with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Amongst the speakers:

  • Thomas Albisser, Hop Cube, France
  • Jacob Bilabel, Platform Climate Conscious Consumption / THEMA1, Germany
  • Sylvain Chevassus, Ministry of Sustainable Development, France
  • Cynthia Cummis, WRI / GHG Protocol Initiative, USA
  • Edouard Fourdrin, ADEME, France (tbc)
  • Gianluca Gondolini, Rainforest Alliance
  • Katerine Hunter, BSI, UK
  • Ulf Jaeckel, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany
  • Olivier Jan, BIO Intelligence Service, France
  • Masayuki Kanzaki, JEMAI, Japan
  • Enar Magnusson, Findus, Sweden
  • Pavel Misiga, DG Environment, EU Commission
  • Maureen Nowak, defra, UK
  • Rana Pant, Joint Research Centre / EU Commission, Italy
  • Rasmus Priess, PCF World Forum, Germany
  • Anna Richert, Climate Certification for Food and Svenskt Sigill, Sweden
  • Tom Savage, Savage&Hall, UK
  • Georg Schoener, The Sustainability Consortium, USA
  • Adebola Rasheed Shabi, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, Nigeria

Click here for the full programme.

Additionally the following events and opportunities may be of interest to you:

3rd Product Category Rules (PCR) Round Table on 25 October, 13:00 – 18:00 CET
On the day before the start of the 6th PCF World Summit the 3rd Product Category Rules (PCR) Round Table will take place at the Summit venue. The Round Table provides an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and opinions around current and future worldwide product category and sector rule developments. Participation is constrained to one representative per organisation and not possible for consultants, unless directly involved in relevant PCR efforts.  Please register online at

Trainings on the new GHG Protocol standards
On the day after the 6th PCF World Summit, 28 October, trainings on the two new GHG Protocol standards will take place at the Summit venue. Further information and free of charge registration is available at

Exhibition opportunities
We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that we have allocated a dedicated space for you to display materials describing your initiative, program, or organisation. The aim of this stand is to stimulate dialogue amongst all participants and to provide you with the opportunity to highlight your valuable perspective on specific aspects of carbon and environmental footprinting.

In addition to this stand we will be continuing the Product Exhibition, which was launched at the 3rd PCF World Summit to display a growing collection of products carrying specific consumer communication, 3rd party labels or certification marks for climate or environmental credentials. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you would like to contribute to this exhibition.

Participating invitees are also invited to bring any of the following:

  • Poster (maximum size A1)
  • Brochures or flyers
  • Product samples for the exhibition mentioned above

Please do not bring any pop up style banners or own stands due to space limitations. If in doubt, please get in touch. There are limited sponsoring options available.

About the PCF World Forum
The PCF World Forum is a neutral platform to share practical experiences and knowledge towards climate-conscious consumption. The international platform provides orientation on current standardisation processes and creates opportunities for discussing international corporate best practices to support low carbon and climate-conscious consumption models.

Previous PCF World Summits
If you have missed any of the first five summits, you can find images and summary videos at, video statement by participants at as well as full documentation and individual videos for a nominal fee online at

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