Help win Nobel Peace Prize recognition for Ecological Economics

Stuart Scott United Planet Faith & Science Initiativeby Stuart Scott
Director of Strategic Planning
United Planet Faith & Science Initiative

Attaining Nobel Peace Prize recognition for Ecological Economics is doable.  The Peace Prize proposal you will find was constructed to maximize our chances of achieving that goal.  All it will take is YOU getting involved.  It will not take much of your time, but the paradigm shift you will help generate is certainly worth it.

The proposal is for an award for the field of Sustainable Development, and care has been taken to differentiate the original meaning from the deviated use as an analog of ‘sustainable growth’, a contradiction in terms.  The rationale for the proposal and choice of candidates is on the website, so I will not repeat it here.  Herman Daly is the representative of EE, but all three candidates are integral to the prize for strategic reasons.

My request to you is simply stated as follows:

  1.  Determine if you are a Qualified Nominator here.  The largest category of QNs is ‘professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology’.  In many countries economics is classified as a social science.
  2. If you are a QN yourself, use this link to submit a nomination which will automatically go directly to the Nobel Committee in Oslo.  If you are not a QN, use this alternate link to submit a public endorsement of the proposal which will be held and presented as a group periodically.
  3. There is a third option on the website for nominations by Nobel Laureates and they are a critical part of the process if you can contact any personally.  We need just a few nominations from Laureates to make this happen.

Lastly, after you make your own Public Endorsement or Qualified Nomination, please personally contact others. Facebook and Twitter are not enough.  The effective way to get nominations is to personally share this with others.

Make a phone call to a colleague, meet them for coffee.  If enough of us take this project to heart, it will succeed.  If treat it like other ‘click petitions’ you receive, it is less likely to succeed.

This is not a ‘click petition’, it is a Nobel Peace Prize proposal.  Please take action now at


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