Holiday Gift to Humanity

Stuart Scott United Planet Faith & Science InitiativeHoliday Gift to Humanity

by Stuart Scott, Founder & Director of Strategic Planning
United Planet Faith & Science Initative

At this holiday season of gifts and resolutions for the future, we would like to make the following suggestion… give a simple, free gift to all future humanity and life on Earth.  The gift can be given with just a few key strokes and clicks at  We are asking you to either do a Public Endorsement or a Qualified Nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize for Sustainable Development whose three candidates include, Herman Daly and thereby honors and popularizes Ecological Economics for the world.

As we are pointedly aware, humanity would not be in the current climate and ecological mess if we had an economic system based in the ecological limits of Earth.  Instead, we ended up with a rapacious growth system, put in place and institutionally cemented in place to serve the wealth accumulation of wealthy individuals, bankers, and corporations.

Even the mainstream of growth economics, as typified by The Economist is belatedly and begrudgingly beginning to recognize EE, as indicated in this article.

The weak, dismissive ‘rebuttals’ in the last paragraph of that short piece amount to little more than ‘everybody knows’ argumentation, and at least self-consciously are from the perspective of ‘mainstream economists’.

They remind us of the famous Gandhi quote,

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win.


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