Introduction to Ecological Economics

The first edition of Introduction to Ecological Economics, originally published in 1997 by St. Lucie Press, has recently been put up on the Encyclopedia of Earth.

We are now preparing to publish a second edition, but we want to make it a much more participatory affair, and I invite you to contribute to it.

You can do so by editing and expanding the current chapters, adding a new chapter, or by writing new entries/informational boxes. When approved, your contribution will immediately become part of the online edition that is published in the Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE). At some point in the future, we will go through and choose among the revised and edited chapters from the online edition to publish a second edition print version. You will receive full attribution as a contributor to the book for the online and print editions.

The Encyclopedia of Earth seeks to become the world’s most authoritative electronic source of information about the environments of Earth and their interactions with society. It’s free, contains no commercial advertising, and will reach a global audience.

The EoE is written and governed by scientists, educators, and professionals working in a unique collaborative environment, with oversight from a distinguished International Advisory Board (see below). Its initial release contains the work of several hundred Authors, Topic Editors, thirty-four prominent content partners, and student volunteers that produced more than 2,000 entries in the first 6 months.

To contribute to the Introduction to Ecological Economics, email Laura de Angelo, the EoE Managing Editor, stating that you were invited by me to contribute to the Introduction to Ecological Economics. She will provide all the information you may need to get started.


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