ISEE 2020 Call for Location Proposals

Call for future ISEE Conference Organizers

ISEE holds its conference biennially. These conferences normally attract 500-900 social and natural scientists. In 2010 we met in Oldenburgh, in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, in 2014 in Iceland, in 2016 in Washington DC, and in 2018 will meet in Mexico.

For 2020 we are now looking for individuals / groups who might be interested in applying for organizing a conference. Organizing a conference is an opportunity to highlight the profile of a research group (or several groups in a country). ISEE offers advice based on past experience and key points have been summarised in a conference handbook. We encourage people with enthusiasm for the field of ecological economics and for bringing people together.

If you are interested, please send an Expression of Interest to


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