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ISSC Newsletter August 2014

A new generation of global social science leaders

The ISSC’s Fellows Programme was set up in 2012 to foster a new generation of globally networked social science leaders who will collaborate on inter- and transdisciplinary research focusing on global priority problems.

Since 2012 the programme has run seminars and events in 5 different regions on topics as diverse as sustainable urbanisation, disaster risk interpretation, green economy, food security, and global social governance. To date, a cohort of over a hundred globally networked Fellows has been created.

This summer’s seminar, on the topic of global social governance and impacting the policy process, gathered 19 early career scientists to discuss across borders with policy shapers, publishers, and other academics that work at the research-policy interface. Over the course of 5 days, Fellows, through a series of interactions, packed and unpacked the notion of governance, and came out with a few questions on what impact really means in terms of their research careers and the science they do.

The seminar was in collaboration with the Academy for Social Sciences in the UK and LSE Center for International Studies.

Steering Committee for Transformations to Sustainability

The ISSC is pleased to announce the appointment of members of the Steering Committee for the newly launched Transformations to Sustainability programme.

The Steering Committee will provide scientific guidance, quality and support the development of all aspects of the programme. The Steering Committee takes responsibility for final decisions on the selection of proposals within the framework of the programme — and will advise on strategy development and resource mobilisation.

The ISSC’s Transformations to Sustainability programme seeks to change the way science is done globally, with a focus on co-design and co-production of knowledge from innovative knowledge networks, geared toward public engagement and communication of the knowledge produced to impact those peoples and communities that need it the most.

Risk Interpretation and Action: Fellows at IRDR Conference

In June, RIA Fellows, who took part in a World Social Science Fellows seminar on Disaster Risk in New Zealand, attended the 2014 IRDR Conference and presented their grant-winning projects on topics of water-related risks in megacities, indigenous knowledge and risk, and multi-scale policy implementation.

After the conference the Fellows had the opportunity to present a case to the open session of the IRDR Science committee meeting to align the RIA Fellows more closely with IRDR activities and to identify opportunities for more direct involvement with IRDR practice. As well as collectively preparing a statement on their views on the role of science and technology in the existing Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) 2005-2015, and their opinions on what should feature in the UN’s review of HFA in 2015 (known as HFA2).

Register for Durban

Registration is now open for the World Social Science Forum in Durban in 2015. A broad range of topics will be addressed under theme “Transforming global relations for a just world.”

George Monbiot, noted writer, activist, and commentator, will serve as one of the patron’s of the Forum. In a statement he says “I can only praise the World Social Science Forum 2015 for bringing together key forces of change towards a Just World: innovative social science researchers, dedicated policy shapers, and active citizens from around the world.”

Bid to host the 2018 Forum

The ISSC is pleased to invite you to express your interest in submitting a bid for the 2018 World Social Science Forum.

The ISSC convenes every three years a World Social Science Forum, a high-profile gathering of the world’s leading social scientists and their collaborators to focus scientific and public attention on the most pressing of today’s challenges, and to jointly seek innovative solutions. The Forums make special efforts to engage a wide range of key actors.

Get your movie shown at next years Ethnografilm Festival

Submissions for the second annual Ethnografilm Festival are now open. Ethnografilm is a Director’s festival, highlighting documentary films that seek understanding of our social world. Submit your film before August 31st for the lowest rates.

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