Laudato Si’ Circles

New, powerful way to unite and do more

Global Catholic Climate Movement

This week, we celebrate Pentecost and announce Laudato Si’ Circles, a new way to pray, reflect, and take action together.

Laudato Si’ Circles bring people together. They are a response to our growing ecological crisis, and space of support and motivation to keep us going. They’re places of encounter where we expand our love for all creation and engage in bold, prophetic action. Learn more and commit to forming a Laudato Si’ Circle here.

Laudato Si' Circles

Small group discussion, photo Albert Lozada

With a handbook to get started and a series of monthly guides, Circles offer an easy structure and format.

Learn more about Laudato Si’ Circles by joining us at a webinar
Wednesday, June 26
10 AM New York / 3 PM London / 7 AM San Francisco

Register here to attend the webinar or receive the recording.

Here’s what Antonio in Italy says about his Circle: “The Laudato Si’ Circle that I belong to has helped me get to know people in a new way. It’s been a good opportunity to practice what Laudato Si’ really means–learning about each other on a human level, growing spiritually so that we can protect all of creation. It’s a project I didn’t expect to lead, but I’m really glad I started.” Join in. Start your Circle here.

Above all, Laudato Si’ Circles offer a place for the Holy Spirit to alight. The Holy Spirit is empowering us to be advocates for the creation and each other. Laudato Si’ Circles help us to renew the face of the Earth.

Pentecost is often seen as the birthday of the Church. We offer this Laudato Si’ Circles program in the hope that it will start something wonderful for you, a new era of deeper love and richer community.

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