Manifestation of Life

Manifestation of Life

Manifestation of Life

by Clóvis Cavalcanti 

Bugles, trumpets sound; birds trill.
And the waters of a stream slide sweetly.
The blue of the sky shines brighter than ever.
An intense golden light emanates from the crowned star.

Children sing and hold hands; look at each other.
Young people adorn themselves with flowers, bounce, dance.
Adults contemplate themselves, hug, kiss.
The eyes of the elders sparkle, smiles on their lips.

Life goes like this with love. Beauty. Gift. Emotion.
Affection. Happiness. Enjoyment, Prayer. Wandering.
Butterflies emit lavishly some unusual colors.
Cats meow, ants go round, frogs do stunts.

There are snakes stretching on shingles. Lizards look.
A guinea pig runs. Chickens cluck. A blue tanager lands.
Slender spiders stretch in beautiful webs.
Shrubs and trees create conditions for a party.

Nature says nothing: it seems in prayer, ecstasy and peace.
So much richness, so many colors, and flowers displayed.
Around, time flows unseen and silently.
Because it is within us: unnoticed, in nature.

With love,
Clóvis & Vera

Merry Christmas, The best of joys in 2020Olinda, December 2019.

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  1. Hello Clovis

    Is this the same Clovis I worked with in Northeast Brazil in the early 1970s when I was with the World Bank, working on employment and income distribution issues in collaboration with AISEC and Larry Salmon? If so, I would love to be in direct contact with you.
    Ian HUME
    You can email me at the address below

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