Nobel Peace Prize for Sustainable Development

United Planet Faith and Science Initiative has just launched a website that attempts to win a Nobel Peace Prize for Sustainable Development ( with a shared nomination of one organization and two individuals.  It grew out of an earlier effort to win that prize for Herman Daly alone.  It has since been adjusted improving the chance of his sharing the Peace Prize.

This is a strategic effort to give Ecological Economics greater worldwide exposure.  Please actively support the effort since the conversations needed to engage Qualified Nominators will create more widespread understanding of the field and its importance for our well-being and our survival.

Please visit  Anyone can endorse the effort via the Public Endorsement page.  You may be a Qualified Nominator, and if not you likely know or can easily contact Qualified Nominators there are so many of them in academia and government.  For instance, all university rectors (equivalent to chancellor and president) can nominate, and all professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology can also nominate.

This is an achievable prize.

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  1. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s own website says that they consider environmental matters to be matters of conflict and peace. This came about with the award of the Peace Prize to Wangari Maathai in 2004 and the shared prize between Al Gore and the IPCC in 2007. You are welcome to work on whatever prize you like. This is the best chance we have of winning Nobel recognition for Ecological Economics. There is a negligible chance of winning the ersatz Nobel Economics Prize since it is funded by the Swedish Central bank, a pillar of mainstream NeoClassical growth economics.

    Look at the website. And look at the Nobel Peace Prize website, and you will come to a different conclusion than your initial one. I have been working on this for 3 years. Forgive me, but I know what I am working with and working against.

    Supporting the current proposal is our best chance. If you want to work on another, as I said, be my guest. But your post uses a very vague pronoun… ‘we’, as in ‘we can propose’. Unless you are willing to be the moving force behind the ‘we’ your suggestion will go nowhere. Sorry if I sound a bit strong here. It’s the NYer leftover in me (after 30 years of being away). But I really have studied and worked this one way beyond what a person should have to do.

    This proposal needs your support at the same time you are welcome to work on an Economics Prize for next year.

  2. While I fully support the concept of a Noble Prize for SD, I have reservations of linking it with the Noble Peace Prize. The latter while broadly defined as an appeal to human rights, ethics and the end of conflicts, it is not scientific.

    All the other Noble Prizes are science-based, albeit excluding mathematics, even the memorial prize from the Bank of Sweden for economics may assume a (questionable) scientific basis.

    SD, while founded on the paradigm of the natural sciences, (i.e., the Economy as a sub-set of the larger-scale Ecosystem) is essentially an extension of the paradigm of the social science embedded in ideology. Logically, we can propose that SD be a criteria for the committee choice for the Economics Prize, or suggest a separate category. If the latter, the proposal would be reduced to finding a sponsor under the umbrella of the Noble Prize institutional framework, like the Bank of Sweden for the ‘economic prize.’ How about the World Bank?

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