Nobel Peace Prize to Benefit Ecological Economics

Peter May, Clóvis Cavalcanti and I are working on having the Nobel Peace Prize awarded in a way that materially benefits Ecological Economics and related initiatives.  You can view the Peace Prize initiative at  But as the deadline is passed, please hold your nomination or endorsement until after this year’s Nobel is announced.

We have a chance of winning it this year as we benefitted from some ‘inside advice,’ accumulated 45 nominations, over 120 public endorsements, and an all-important Nobel Laureate endorsement from Archbishop Tutu.  If we don’t win in September we will redouble our effort.  The ecology of Earth is ‘tanking’ under the onslaught of the current dominant growth economic system.  Instituting true sustainability, in part by spreading ecological economics, is a necessary condition for human survival.

Peter, Clóvis, Sabine O’Hara and I will be conducting a roundtable at the ISEE conference on Tuesday, June 28th at 4:00 pm where we will discuss this effort.  Please attend if you can.

Since there are several simultaneous roundtables on Tuesday, we would appreciate also being able to make a very brief 3-5 minute summary at the regional meeting on Sunday, and brief announcements at the awards dinner and luncheon that will take place.

You are someone central to Ecological Economics.  Your own support is critical.  Submitting a nomination or public endorsement via the website in late September is one level of support.  Reaching out to colleagues is another.  Those representing regional ISEE branches can help transmit the initiative to regional membership as yet another.

Start by letting us know you will engage with us.  Do attend the roundtable on Tuesday, June 28th at 4:00 if possible.  And look for myself, Peter or Clóvis to discuss the initiative informally.

I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

Sincere thanks,
Stuart Scott, Executive Director

United Planet Faith & Science Initiative


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