Participate in the China International Working Groups (CIWG)

Researchers, scholars, financiers, scientists, activists the China International Working Groups (CIWG) is addressing:

    • Building a China and East Asia Efficient Renewable Supergrid;

    • Transforming coal into a zero emissions fuel in 20 years or stay in the ground;

    • Developing Market Based Financial Tools to assist an ecological transformation;

    • Developing SAVE (Sustainable Assessments to Value the Ecosphere) based on a global per capita energy and carbon entitlement, assessments to transfer income and technology from rich to poor to help build an efficient renewable energy system globally.

    • Addressing the philosophical and social issues for an ecological civilization.

      If China leads the way toward an ecological future, the world will follow.

      See our website for detailed descriptions of working groups:

      Interested in helping? Please contact me or working group coordinators listed on website.

      Now’s the time.


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