PCF World Forum Easter Egg

PCF World Forum Easter egg: Overview of worldwide initiatives in carbon/environmental footprinting.

Happy Easter from the PCF World Forum team, which will return on Tuesday, 10 April!

As you may know the PCF World Forum has closely followed developments around international initiatives in carbon and environmental footprinting and is now also integrating developments on renewable resource use (energy and materials) in products and value chains, all in the ambition to contribute to low carbon and overall sustainable production and consumption.

We are happy to now share the PCF World Summit companion, which includes an overview of worldwide initiatives on the above mentioned issues. You can also find a description of these initiatives and videos from representatives on the PCF World Forum website in the "Initiatives" section, www.pcf-world-forum.org/initiatives, including videos from representatives of most of the initiatives.

The inventory of initiatives is by no means complete and we will continuously add further initiatives to the PCF World Forum website. Please be invited to suggest further relevant initiatives to be included in the inventory.

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