PhD student in Environmental Science

Department of natural science, design and sustainable development

The department is located on both Campus Östersund and Campus Sundsvall, where we educate and conduct research within the department’s subjects with a focus on sustainable development.

In the subject of ecotechnology and environmental science, the interaction between man and nature is studied, with particular emphasis on the development of new systems for a long-term sustainable use of natural resources. The research within the subject is often interdisciplinary, and can include both theoretical as applied studies and aims to deepen the understanding of society’s sustainability challenges at a local, regional, and global level.

The position is expected to lead to a licentiate degree within the framework of the project ALPMEMA (

ALPMEMA stands for ALPine mountain hay MEadows MAnagement. The overall aim of ALPMEMA is to identify best practices to maintain a favorable conservation status of mountain hay meadows, despite the threat of underuse, and to explain the influence of different ownership regimes as well as the location of such meadows inside and outside protected areas on these best practices.

Job Description

Graduate studies including research (80–100 %) and teaching as well as administrative work (0–20 %). 

Under the supervision of the project coordinator, you will contribute to a transnational meta-analysis in 4 countries. You will work within an interdisciplinary research team in close collaboration with local stakeholders to participate in making a comparative assessment within ALPMEMA, especially but not exclusively to

  1. identify, based on established knowledge in case studies, current best practices related to the maintenance of a favorable conservation status of mountain hay meadows,
  2. identify innovative management tools, coalitions of actors and other new methods that are additionally suitable for the management of such meadows,
  3. explain the significance of different ownership regimes and the significance of whether the areas are located within or outside formally protected areas.

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