Population Growth: A Multiplier of All Problems

image Population Growth: A Multiplier of All Problems
Summary Conclusions of Recent Research by Population Matters

Conclusion and Recommendations

Stable or reducing populations are an essential pre-condition for economic, social and biophysical sustainability – population growth makes all UK and global problems of environment and resources harder (and ultimately impossible) to solve. England is already the most over-crowded country in Europe; the UK is 73% ecologically overshot (data from the Blue Planet Award-winning Global Footprint Network); while 80% of people want a smaller UK population. The Government and opinion formers should:

  • create a national consensus that a stable or smaller population is an urgent national interest;
  • add Population to the duties of an inter-departmental Minister, with a small coordinating staff;
  • review tax and benefit policies, removing perverse incentives for large (>two children) families;
  • set a long-term UK policy aim of balanced migration;
  • promote population stabilisation policies, by voluntary means, internationally.

For a complete downloadable copy of these project summary click here.

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