Product Carbon Footprinting World Summit

3rd PCF World Summit – Sector Approaches to Product Carbon Footprinting
17- 18 March 2010 in Berlin, Germany

From 17-18 March 2010 in Berlin, Germany, the 3rd PCF World Summit on "Sector Approaches to Product Carbon Footprinting" will come together to discuss and draw up best practices in value chain GHG management and sector approaches to product carbon footprinting.

Please find attached the full programme of the two conference days.

To register online for your pass, please visit the PCF World Forum Webshop or use the fax form.

Two Days of Valuable Insights into Product Carbon Footprinting

The 3rd PCF World Summit features two days of presentations and discussions by representatives from industry, stakeholder organizations, and country initiatives. Building on the success of the previous two summits, the 3rd PCF World Summit will highlight:

Sector approaches – with sector champions and pioneers in i.a. agriculture, beverages, chemicals, food, logistics, and media presenting best practices and solutions for reducing their own GHG emissions – and those of their customers

  • Recent developments in emerging global standards for measuring value chain GHG emissions
  • How emerging international initiatives are taking sector-specific requirements and realities into account
  • Stakeholder perspectives of climate-related consumer communication

Unique Opportunities for Expert Exchange

The 3rd PCF World Summit presents a unique opportunity to network with other speakers and practitioners and exchange ideas on best practice approaches to product carbon footprinting. The previous PCF World Summits attracted interest and commitment from more than 250 stakeholders from 30 countries and stimulated wide-ranging discussions.

Network with Business Leaders and Practioners from the Carbon Footprint World

The 3rd PCF World Summit will bring together representatives from business, NGOs, politics, and science. Speakers already confirmed include:

  • Cees-Jan Adema (PepsiCo, Chair European Beverage Association)
  • Matthew Bateson (World Business Council for Sustainable Development/WBSCD)
  • Jacob Bilabel (Thema1, Germany)
  • Soledad Blanco (DG Environment, European Commission)
  • Sylvain Chevassus (Environmental Ministry, France)
  • Carrina Gaffney (Eco:Metrics The Guardian, UK)
  • Prof. Shabbir H. Gheewala (Thai Carbon Label, Thailand)
  • Björn Hannappel (Deutsche Post/DHL, Germany)
  • Prof. Atsushi Inaba (Carbon Footprint Program, Japan)
  • Jürgen Knirsch (Greenpeace, Germany)
  • Rasmus Priess (PCF World Forum, Germany)
  • Rita Schenck (US Center for Life Cycle Assessment, USA)
  • Luke Upchurch (Consumers International, UK)
  • Fokko Wientjes (DSM, Netherlands)

Carbon Footprint Product Exhibition

For the first time, the PCF World Summit will be presenting an international Product Exhibition – featuring products with calculated carbon footprints used as the basis for consumer communication. This will give you first hand insights into the rapid international developments in carbon footprinting and labeling.

Low Carbon Network Dinner

As a tradition at the PCF World Summits, the low carbon network dinner on the evening of the first conference day gives the participants a special opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere while experiencing exquisite low carbon cuisine.

About the PCF World Forum

The PCF World Forum is a joint platform set up to foster and facilitate dialogue between international initiatives on how to assess, reduce and communicate the impact of goods and services on the climate.

Past Events

2nd PCF World Summit (23. – 24. September 2009):

On the Road to Harmonisation? Business Responses to Diverging Approaches
Discussed topics included:

  • European Union’s Climate Policy
  • Emerging Standards (Iso 14067, PAS 2050, GHG Supply Chain Initiative, Scope 3)
  • Retail Perspectives on Product Carbon Footprinting (Aeon Japan, Casino France, Hofer Austria, Migros Switzerland, Tchibo Germany, Wal-Mart USA)
  • Product Carbon Footprinting in Consumer Communication (Indice Carbone, Carbon Label Japan, Wal-Mart Sustainability Index)
  • International Initiatives (PCF Projekt Germany, Carbon Trust, Swedish Climate Declaration Scheme, Carbon Disclosure Project / CDP)
  • Challenges and Prospects of Certification of Product Carbon Footprinting

1st PCF World Summit (26. – 27- February 2009):

International Approaches to Product Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Labelling
Discussed topics included:

  • Legislation / The EU’s Approach to Product Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Labelling
  • Challenges in Environmental Labelling (Affichage Environnemental France, Blauer Engel Germany, Svenskt Sigill Sweden, Carbon Reduction Label UK, Carbon Label Japan)
  • Business Experiences in Carbon Footprinting (Soil&More, PepsiCo, Henkel, BIO Intelligence Service, Tesco)
  • Comparsion of ISO 14040 / ISO 14044 and PAS 2050
  • Lifecycle Assesment (LCA) and Carbon Footprinting
  • CO2 as as Key Performance Indicator for Strategic Management

We are looking forward to the stimulating discussions at the 3rd PCF World Summit and to welcoming you in Berlin.


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