Product Carbon Footprinting

Business Responses to Diverging Approaches
2nd PCF World Summit, 23-24 September 2009, Berlin

Organisations around the world are assessing and communicating the climate
and environmental impacts of their goods and services. Standards for assessing product-related GHG emissions, so-called Product Carbon Footprinting, or PCF, are at the forefront of the discussion. With more and more leading companies and initiatives introducing PCF schemes as well as pilot projects and no internationally agreed methodology yet in place, working towards a global standard has become a matter of urgency. The practical experiences already gained by a number of companies and initiatives provide valuable insights for future developments in product carbon footprinting and shape the emerging standards.

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One of the hottest topics in the debate on climate change is the role of personal consumption. Product Carbon Footprinting, or PCF, offers a way of measuring the greenhouse gas emissions of individual products and services. Around the world, more and more leading companies and initiatives are introducing PCF schemes and pilot projects. However, there is no internationally agreed methodology yet. Working towards a global standard has become a matter of urgency.

Product Carbon Footprinting: On the Road to Harmonisation? Seven months after the first global summit, all major international players in Product Carbon Footprinting and related consumer communication will gather for the second time on the 23rd and 24th of September 2009 for the 2nd PCF World Summit to discuss practical experiences and lessons learned:

  • What do standardisation schemes do for harmonisation?
  • Are different retailer standards emerging?
  • Are international policy approaches aligned?
  • Do pilot projects pay off?
  • How does carbon footprinting fit into sustainability strategies?
  • Are we still on the road to harmonisation?

Make sure to engage in these equally important and timely discussions and
become part of an unique network. Among the speakers are:

  • Casino, France
  • Carbon Trust, UK
  • Casino, France
  • Consumers International, UK
  • European Commission, DG Environment, Brussels
  • Swedish Environmental Management Council, Sweden
  • Tesco, UK
  • Migros, Switzerland
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand
  • PCF Project, Germany
  • Tchibo, Germany
  • Wal-Mart Sustainability Index Consortium, USA
  • WBCSD/WRI, Switzerland/USA

Register for the 2nd PCF World Summit on 23-24 September 2009 in Berlin and secure your early bird discount! Your detailed programme will follow in
about two weeks.

Kind wishes and hope to see you in September.
Dr. Marco Axmann

Background to the PCF World Forum The PCF World Forum is a joint platform which was set up to foster and facilitate dialogue between international initiatives on how to assess, reduce and communicate the impact of goods and services on the climate.

With more than 150 visitors from 20 countries and the most relevant initiatives on Product Carbon Footprinting and related consumer communication, the 1st PCF World Summit 2009 on 26-27 February in Berlin attracted interest and commitment from a broad range of stakeholders. Parts of the conference were followed by an additional 12,000 online viewers via the live stream of the summit.

Interviews at 1st PCF World Summit
Impressions of the 1st PCF World Summit

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