Routledge Handbook of Ecological Economics


Plus End of Year Discount

The Routledge Handbook of Ecological Economics:Nature and Society

Edited by Clive L. Spash

Standard price online at Routledge £40, but currently there is an end of year sale making it £32, or if you buy two or more only £30.

50 original articles, by 63 international authors (a third female), providing an introduction to and overview of key issues in ecological economics.  Ideal for teaching and learning about the field, its current state and future prospects.

Part I Foundations
Part II Heterodox thought on the environment
Part III Biophysical reality and its implications
Part IV Society, power and politics
Part V Markets, production and consumption
Part VI Value and ethics
Part VII Science and society: uncertainty and precaution
Part VIII Methods
Part IX Policy challenges
Part X Future post-growth society

Each Chapter (5000 words) with a common structure:

Main Text (current state of knowledge, issues);
Future Directions (challenges);
Concluding Remarks;
3-5 key follow-up readings;
References cited

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