RSEE Bi-Annual Conference


Russian Society of Ecological Economy

Institute of stable development of Russian Federation social chamber

Kemerovo State University

Department of Russian Nature Inspection of Kemerovo region

Administration of Kemerovo region

“Energy effectiveness of economy and ecological security: theory and practice”

The 11th International conference of Russian society of ecological economy

June 26 – July 03, 2011


International conference committee

I.A. Sviridova – Свиридова И.А. – the chair, rector of Kemerovo State University

G.E. Mekush – the co-chairperson, president of Russian society of ecological economy, doctor of economics, professor of Kemerovo State University

V.M. Zakharov, the co-chairman, president of Institute of stable development of Russian Federation social chamber, correspondent member of Russian Academy of Science

V.A. Kovalev, the co-chairman, vice-governor of Kemerovo region on natural resources and ecology, doctor of techniques, professor

A.N. Malakhov, the co-chairman, vice-governor of Kemerovo region on fuel-energy complex, PhD- techniques

Kaneko Shinji (Japan), Helmut Kluter (Germany), Peter Soederbaum (Sweden), Radju Mohammad (Bangladesh), Peter Shtaufermann (South Korea), L.G. Melnik (Ukrain), O. Shimova (Byelorussia), Т. Tambovtseva (Latvia), P. Safonov (the USA), P.V. Kasjanov (Russia), I.P. Glazyrina (Russia), I.M. Potravniy (Russia), O.E. Medvedeva (Russia), T.A. Akimova (Russia), S.N. Bobilev (Russia), A. Voinov (the USA), A.A. Gusev (Russia), E.V. Rumina (Russia), G.A. Motkin (Russia), A.V. Shevchuk (Russia)

Organizing committee

K.E. Afanasyev – the chairman, vice-rector on scientific work of Kemerovo State University

V.I. Buvaltseva – the co-chairperson, dean of economic department of Kemerovo State University, doctor of economics

I.I. Berkutov – the director of the Shors national park

International scientific-practical conference “Energetic effectiveness and ecological security: theory and practice” is the tradition of Russian society of ecological economy (RSEE) on the meetings organizing of the leading scientists in the ecological economy field where are discussed the results of fundamental and applied researches on ecological economy issues.

The 11th conference will be devoted to the discussion of top issues on energy and ecology security, problem of energy effectiveness economic increasing, supporting of qualified economic growth and increasing of stable development, and also development and involvement methods of energy and ecological management.

The last conferences of the Russian society ecological economics are held in Moscow (1993), Irkutsk (1993), Pereslav-Zalessky (1995), Novgorod (1997), Saratov (1999), Moscow (2001), the Baikal (2003), St-Petersburg (2005), Sochi (2007), Barnaul (2008), Kaliningrad (2009)

Traditionally at the RSEE take part Russian and foreign scientists. The theses are published in Russian and English including publications in the key editions, e.g. in the edition “Economics”. In the frames of this international conference there will be developed recommendations on perfection of economic mechanisms regulating and energy efficiency stimulating, designing of the methods ecological safety increasing and stability of the society development.

Conference areas

  1. Theoretic problems of ecological economy
  2. Ecological, energetic security and stable development
  3. Regional and branch aspects of the energy efficiency management
  4. Ecologic-economic aspects of the energy efficiency
  5. Forming of the normative-legal base of the energy efficiency
  6. Energy and ecological management and audit
  7. Ecological culture and education

While conference’s work there are supposed open meetings and excursions at industrial enterprises and to the Shors national park (Tashtagol). The participants may take part in publication exhibition and stand theses on the conference area.

Working languages: Russian and English. While meetings there will be the translation support.

Main dates

Abstract deadline: March 01, 2011.

Registration deadline: May 01, 2011.

Organizing fee deadline: May 01, 2011.

Organizing fee

Participants category


Scientists from Russia and CIS (participation + publication)

1000 rubles

Young scientists before 33 years from Russia and CIS (participation + publication)

500 rubles

Scientists from foreign countries (participation + publication)

300 $

Young scientists before 33 years from foreign countries (participation + publication)

100 $

Organizing fee includes:

abstract publication

– conference materials

– coffee-pause

Theses publication and registration of the participants


Abstracts (max 500 words) should be written on English, Russian or both English and Russian using Times New Roman font, 10 point. Paragraphs must be separated by null string. Please, save filled in registration form under your surname in English and send as enclosure to the letter.

Program committee reserves the right to determine consistency of thesis content with its theme, and also the right of redaction of thesis translation into Russian and English.

To the beginning of work of the conference theses of reports in Russian and English language will be published. In parallel with bench sections the limited quantity of demonstration stands will be accessible to participants without performance.

Please, pay attention, that theses will be published after confirmation of payment of a registration payment.

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