Student Representation in ISEE

In the very lively final plenary of our ISEE meeting in Iceland this year, there was a call for greater involvement of young members of our community in the dealings of the Society.

I want to take an initiative to elicit a number of Ecological Economics students worldwide to become advisory members of ISEE’s Board, supporting its committees and its communication. This is not a formal role, but an important move forward. I ask you to name any advanced student whom you look upon as potential support for ISEE’s professional agenda – email suggestions to

At the next Board meeting, we will pick a few candidates from the nominations and seek to involve them in ISEE’s business, such as:

  • cooperating in the education committee
  • writing reviews of their experiences in studying EE,  for the ISEE newsletter
  • spreading informations on financing oportunities for EE students through the newsletter
  • supporting ISEE in its social media presence
  • helping elicit candidates for student awards (best master, best PhD in EE)
  • support the Board by providing a student’s perspective on its agenda.

I look forward to hearing from you!
– Marina Fischer-Kowalski, President, ISEE


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