Support for the people of Ecuador

A Note from the
Mesoamerican and Caribbean Society
for Ecological Economics

Given the climate of violence that has been unleashed in Ecuador as a result of Decree 883, it goes without saying that the use of public force has never been an adequate solution to the social clamor of the most disadvantaged since it only generates greater bitterness and violence.

Today more than ever, it is essential to listen carefully to the indigenous peoples, who are witnesses and historical victims of this type of political action. Recognizing social diversity and in it, those who have suffered the most from economic inequality, which has deepened as a result of political actions such as those of Decree 883, will help to understand the nature and legitimacy of these collective movements.

With affectionate respect for the mortal victims of this situation, we hope that an agreement of dialogue, peace, and equity can be reached among all those involved.

Aleida Azamar Alonso
Presidenta de la Sociedad Mesoamericana y del Caribe de Economía Ecológica


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