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New Educational Horizons in Favor of Nature

Nuevos horizontes educativos a favor de la naturaleza Coordinación editorial de Salvador Peniche Camps Griselda Martínez Romero Autor(es) Joan Martínez Alier David Barkin Marco Antonio Berger García Gemma Isabel Pérez Rojas Pablo Sandoval Cabrera Zarina Estela Aguirre Lozano María Imelda Murillo Sánchez Julieta

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Radical Ecological Economics

In Radical Ecological Economics author David Barkin describes how Communities are realizing that they can be better off by taking control over their territories and organizing themselves collectively to assure the production of their needs and the conservation

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Response to David Barkin posting by Roy Morrison

Original Morrison posting. Response by David Barkin. It is precisely the enormous second law advantages posed, for example, by a global efficient renewable energy transformation to replace high entropy and ecologically ruinous fossil fuels and

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