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May 2021 Population Matters Update

Director’s message Ploughing lonely furrows, casting pearls… One of the organisations I worked for before joining Population Matters was the Soil Association. As with seeking to communicate the benefits of achieving a smaller,  sustainable human

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Population Matters | One Year in Review

Director’s Message To steal Ervin Drake’s Christmas song made famous by Frank Sinatra, ‘It was a very good year’ for Population Matters, as the Annual Report shows. For me, key events and activities were our increased focus

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Population Matters June 2019 Update

Director’s message PM Goes Global! Last year, supported by the London PM group, we marked World Population Day by showing the dramatic fact of ongoing human population growth via a live, giant digital ‘population clock’

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Population Growth: A Multiplier of All Problems

Population Growth: A Multiplier of All ProblemsSummary Conclusions of Recent Research by Population Matters Conclusion and Recommendations Stable or reducing populations are an essential pre-condition for economic, social and biophysical sustainability – population growth makes

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Degrowth, Expensive Oil, and the New Economics of Energy

Degrowth, expensive oil, and the new economics of energy Samuel Alexander [University of Melbourne, Australia]Copyright: Samuel Alexander, 2012 See (PDF): Preparing for life after growth Building upon the ‘limits to growth’ perspective (Meadows et

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