UNEP Joins the Water Footprint Network

The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has joined the Water Footprint Network as its hundredth partner. Partners of the network subscribe to the need to have a globally shared water footprint standard. A shared standard is crucial given the rapidly growing interest in companies and governments to use water footprint assessments as a basis for formulating sustainable water strategies and policies. The Water Footprint Network has produced the Water Footprint Manual as the current standard.

End 2010, the Water Footprint Network will present the Water Footprint Manual version 2010 to serve as the updated standard for Water Footprint Assessment. In the process of developing the Water Footprint Manual 2010, the Water Footprint Network closely collaborates with a wide variety of stakeholders from six continents and spanning international institutions, civil society organisations, government, different business sectors and academia.

For more information please contact: Derk Kuiper – Executive Director of the Water Footprint Network; Tel: +31652045772

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