USSEE Call for Nominations Extended

Call for Nominations for board positions (by May 10th) and Daly and Aguilar Awards (deadline extended to May 15th)

The board needs your help nominating potential Daly and Aguilar awardees, and candidates for the open board of directors positions listed below. We especially need your help reaching out to students! We are still looking for candidates for our student board positions, as well as students to nominate mentors for the Aguilar award. If you have any students that may be interested in serving on the board, or nominating a mentor please reach out to them and forward on the message below.

The deadline for Daly and Aguilar Award Nominations has been extended till May 15th. Please send nominees to

The Herman Daly Award, was established in 2003 in honor of one of the visionaries and founders of ecological economics, Herman Daly. The award is designed to recognize outstanding contributions to the field, and acknowledges individuals who have connected ecological economic thinking to practical applications and solutions that are sustainable in scale, equitable in distribution, and efficient in allocation. The The Bernardo Aguilar Award, was established in 2007 and is given to a person nominated and selected by students. The award was created to recognize a professional who has inspired students through teaching, research, ideas, and/or mentoring in ecological economics.

A full description of both awards can be found on our website at

The USSEE Board of Directors also invites you to nominate candidate(s) for the Board of the U.S. Society for Ecological Economics. The election will be held in late May and we are seeking nominations for the following positions by May 10th. You are welcome to self-nominate.

Nominations are for the following 5 positions with terms beginning June 1st, 2019: Secretary Treasurer, Board Members at Large (2 members), Graduate Student Member, Undergraduate Student Member. For more info, visit the call for nominations on our website, or read more about our current board members here.


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