2016 ISEE Conference

International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE) 2016 Conference

Transforming the Economy: Sustaining Food, Water, Energy and Justice

Washington DC
June 26 -­ 29, 2016

University of the District of Columbia
College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES)

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ISEE 2016 Conference Fees

ISEE members: $468 Single day: $275
Non-members: $525 Single day: $315
Full-time Student: $375 Single day: $220

Registration after April 25 for ISEE members: $505
Non-member $565
Full-time students: $415

Onsite registration: $535
Onsite registration non-members: $595

Award Speakers Dinner: $75
Speakers luncheon: $48

As the Science of Sustainability, Ecological Economics must advance the transformation of the economy to support rather than debilitate the processes that sustain our living planet. Most fundamental to such an economy is its support of basic live support systems like food, water and energy, and its support of social justice and a quality life for all.

The 2016 Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) will focus on these critical themes, and will facilitate dialogue between practitioners and researchers to advance such an economic transformation. The transformation agenda must include tangible solutions that support an economy that is in sync with the biological and physical systems of our planet, and that builds capacity for human well-­‐ being and justice. Particular attention will be given to urban communities that are home to almost 60 percent of the world’s population and that are characterized by cultural diversity and social disparity.

The conference will be hosted by the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) of the University of the District of Columbia, which is the only public university in Washington DC and the only urban land-grant university in the U.S. The conference theme is well-­‐aligned with the mission of CAUSES. Conference topics include:

Sustaining Food and Water

  • urban agriculture and food justice
  • sustainable food systems
  • food and water security
  • water quality and water management

Sustaining Sources and Sinks

  • energy efficiency and sufficiency
  • energy and climate
  • sustaining natural and social capacity
  • innovation, technology and planetary systems

Urban Sustainability and other Regional Approaches

  • urban sustainability
  • bioregions and economic development
  • regional sustainability solutions
  • global/local sustainability

Transforming Economic Growth and Redefining Economic Measures

  • physical/ biological economics and the steady state
  • degrowth and transformative growth strategies
  • ecological macroeconomics
  • alternatives to GDP and improved measures of sustainability

Social Stability and Economic Behavior:

  • economic justice and equity
  • economic/ecological migration and dislocation
  • behavioral economics
  • indigenomics

Public Policy for Local and Global and Sustainability

  • institutions and governance
  • valuation and measures
  • norms, rules and prices
  • politics and economics

Ecological Economics education and communication

  • education and preparation
  • inter-, tans-, cross-, and multi-­disciplinarity
  • complexity, uncertainty and effective communication

For more information about CAUSES and the University of the District of Columbia, please visit www.udc.edu/CAUSES.

In addition to the international Society of Ecological Economics, a network of Regional Ecological Societies is engaged in the specific interests of the Science of Sustainability in various world regions.

For more information about ISEE and the Regional Ecological Economics societies, please visit http://www.isecoeco.org.

15 Responses to 2016 ISEE Conference

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  2. Narendra Chand says:


    I tried to submit abstract of my research but it says “This form is currently inactive” so please suggest me any alternative.


  3. Harvey Mead says:

    I want to renew my membership in the ISEE (which, as I understand it, includes membership in the CANSEE – Canadian branch) and then want to register for the upcoming conference in Washington. I am retired, and while I certainly have revenue, would like to know how to proceed. As I recall, you have a membership category for retirees.

    Thank you,

    Harvey Mead

  4. Michalis Hadjikakou says:


    Do you happen to know what the conference fee is likely to be for ISEE members? I am applying for funding to attend the conference and I need to account for it in my budget. I contacted the organisers through the official website a couple of days ago but I still have not received a reply.

    Any help or individual contact details of a person who might know would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    • Jonas NGOUHOUO POUFOUN says:

      Dear All, Dear Michalis Hadjikakou,

      I am scheduled to present my paper at ISEE2016 – Washington DC
      Please, I would like to apply for funding to attend the conference but I dont know where can I apply.
      Please could you provide me with relevant information ?

      Thank you, kind regards.

      Jonas Ngouhouo
      PhD Student

  5. arielak says:


    Is there a requirment to present the full article together with the abstract?
    If no, is there a deadline for submitting the article itself?
    Thank you.

  6. Larysa Nekrasenko says:


    could you please tell me what requirements for Session Abstracts?
    Thank you.

  7. Nii Ashikwei Kuma Ollennu (Rev'd) says:

    Can I attend this conference without presenting a paper?

  8. Shrawantee Saha says:


    Can you please let me know when is the deadline for the abstract submission, etc? I am interested in attending this conference and presenting my research.


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