Educational Resources


Economics for Rebels


Summer Course on Ecological and Feminist Macroeconomics
Various Lectures in Ecological Economics
Pluralismo metodológico na economia ecológica (Portuguese)
Historia y fundamentos de la Economía Ecológica (Spanish)
Introducción a la Economía Ecológica (Spanish)
Introduction à l’économie écologique (French)
Introductory Course to Ecological Economics (Portuguese)
What is Ecological Economics? 
Introductions to Ecological Economics Playlist
Mario Perez, Universidad del Valle-Columbia (Spanish)
Key Topics in Economics and Political Ecology Playlist (Spanish)

Introduction to Ecological Economics Lectures

Julia Steinberger
Sigrid Stagl

Introdução a economia ecológica (Portuguese)

Junior Ruiz García
Clóvis Cavalcanti

Written Materials

Økologisk Økonomi | Ecological Economics

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