Past Events of the ISEE

Biennual ISEE Conferences

1990 Washington DC, USA

1992 Stockholm, Sweden

1994 San José, Costa Rica

1996 Boston, USA

1998 Santiago, Chile

2000 Canberra, Australia

2002 Sousse, Tunisia, 2002

2004 Montreal, Canada

2006 Delhi, India
“Ecological Sustainability & Human Well-Being”

2008 Nairobi, Kenya
“Applying Ecological Economics for Social and Environmental Sustainability”

2010 Oldenburg, Germany
“Advancing Sustainability in a Time of Crises”

2012 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Challenges and Contributions for a Green Economy”

2014 Reykjavik, Iceland
“Equity Within Planetary Boundaries”

2016 Washington DC, USA
“Transforming the Economy: Sustaining Food, Water, Energy and Justice”

2018 Puebla, Mexico
“Ecological Economics and Socio-ecological Movements: Science, policy, and challenges to global processes in a troubled world”

2020 Online from Manchester UK
“Economy and livelihoods after Covid-19”

2021 Online
“Building Alternative Livelihoods in times of ecological and political crisis”


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