New Book: Sustainable Economics

clip_image001[4]New book Sustainable Economics
Context, Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century Practitioner.
(Greenleaf Publishing)

Targeted at enabling the modern business student and practitioner to disentangle the complex debate relating to sustainability, this book provides the tools necessary to lead their organizations through the murky waters of current times and prepare for the challenges of the future. Sustainable Economics presents a clear picture of current thinking on sustainability and suggested solutions. Eschewing the linear “take, make and waste” approach of current business and manufacturing thinking, this book revisits the ecological models underpinning recent economic sustainability theory, and re-examines the consequences of modern ecological thought upon business strategies relating to sustainability.

Sustainable Economics Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Chapter One: Human Economic Activity: An Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Chapter Two: The Three Horsemen of the Modern Apocalypse: Climate, Pollution and Habitat
  • Chapter Three: Water, Energy and the Green Paradox
  • Chapter Four: Business and Biology: Can We Learn From Nature?
  • Chapter Five: Current Schools of Sustainable Thinking: Origins, Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Chapter Six: The Circular Economy
  • Chapter Seven: Design to Re-design
  • Chapter Eight: Generic Barriers to Change
  • Chapter Nine: Transition to a Sustainable Economy
  • Chapter Ten: Appropriate Indicators of a Sustainability Transition
  • Appendix

The book is published by Greenleaf Publishing.

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