Lina Brand CorreaLina Brand Correa

I was privileged to recently join York University’s Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change as an Assistant Professor. From this position, I would like to (and perhaps even have the responsibility to) amplify the voices of students and early career researchers in a body such as the ISEE.

I will build on my experiences as an (ecological) economics student, where I valued an increased level of diversity and pluralism in thought as I went through my BA in economics (National University of Colombia), MSc in Ecological Economics (University of Edinburgh and SRUC) and PhD (University of Leeds). And I will also build on my experience navigating the academic world post-PhD, with all its challenges and uncertainties, in a highly interdisciplinary and heterodox field such as ecological economics. Therefore, there are two main things that I would like to contribute to the ISEE. First, promote pluralism and diversity in the teaching of ecological economics at all levels, by creating an international community of practice to share and promote experiences and resources. And second, jointly explore ways the ISEE can support colleagues as they take next steps from their PhD.

I hope you will consider voting for me as a board member of the ISEE.

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