BES & LSE Annual Symposium

British Ecological Society & London School of Economics Joint Annual Symposium

Eco2: Ecology x Economics=Eco2

BMA House, London
8 – 10 September 2014

In September we will be holding our Annual Symposium. The organising committee includes Drew Purves and Matthew Smith of Microsoft Research, and Jean-Pierre Zigrand of London School of Economics. Click here for the draft programme.

This conference will bring ecologists and economists together to explore the fundamental links between the two sciences of interactions, posing the question; how much more could we discover about the human and social systems, or natural systems, by combining insights from these two subjects?

Eco2 will examine the fundamental, conceptual links between these two sciences, which must be explored if we are to address pressing global issues. We also hope to discuss the pressing issues at hand, whether it’s climate change, global financial stability, food security, disease, inequality, human migration, or conservation. Please find attached the draft programme for the meeting along with a more detailed description.

The conference will take an interactive format; plenaries will be in pairs (one from each discipline) followed by a moderated discussion by a third expert. The remaining sessions will be of two kinds:

  • In Panel Sessions, four speakers will give short format (7 minute) talks, followed by a 30 minute moderated discussion among all speakers
  • Problem Solving Sessions, which also last one hour, will begin with four short talks introducing a problem, issue or topic for discussion (the audience will then break into groups to work on the problems, and report back to the room)

We are inviting abstract submissions for Panel Sessions and Problem Solving Sessions, with a deadline of midnight Sunday 20 July.

Early bird registration closes at midnight on Monday 28 July, so do ensure you book before this date for the best rate.

This is going to be an exciting, creative, and cross disciplinary meeting.


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