Call for ISEE 2020 Conference Venue

Call for 2020 ISEE Conference Venue

Call for Future ISEE Conference Organizers

ISEE holds its conference biennially. These conferences normally attract 500-900 social and natural scientists. Past conferences met:

  • 2010 – Oldenburg
  • 2012 – Rio de Janeiro
  • 2014 – Iceland
  • 2016 – Washington DC
  • 2018 – Puebla, Mexico

For 2020 we are now looking for individuals / groups who might be interested in applying for organizing a conference. Organizing a conference is an opportunity to highlight the profile of a research group (or several groups in a country). ISEE offers advice based on past experience and key points have been summarised in a conference handbook. We encourage potential organizers with enthusiasm for the field of ecological economics and for bringing people together, and we seek to ensure the conference is transdisciplinary.

If you are interested, please send an Expression of Interest to

  1. Contact information of point person and other already committed members of the local organizing committee (LOC) (individuals and groups in the host location or country willing to help organizing the conference). List all individuals that you would like to involve in the conference committee and any staff resources for local assistance in organizing the conference logistically.
  2. Proposed location: Please identify a suitable meeting venue that can accommodate conference participants. The proposed meeting facilities must be able to accommodate the following: Plenary sessions, about 10 concurrent sessions, poster and exhibition area, information and registration desk, receptions, catering area and other potential functions, such as computer and internet access, student workshops, and other small meeting rooms.
  3. Accessibility and lodging: Please describe transportation and lodging options and ease of conference site. The location of the conference venue should be reasonably accessible for international and national participants and not too costly or time consuming. Accommodation should be available in broad price and quality ranges for all conference participants.
  4. Finance, potential sponsorships and in-kind support: The LOC is responsible for all financial aspects linked with the administration and organization of the conference that should be self-financing. Next to conference registration fees, sponsoring and in-kind support may play an important role. It is advisable that the LOC organizes fund-raising activities: financial, scholarships, and in-kind contributions towards the conference are welcome. Please describe your ideas in this respect.
  5. Amenities of the location: including restaurants, arts, recreation and other attractions.
  6. Sustainability and environmental advantages: please list the advantages your site and conference can offer in this area. This can refer to offerings by local hotels, food and waste options, (public) transportation, etc.
  7. Previous experience in organizing scientific meetings or conferences: Please list events, responsible individuals / groups and participant numbers.
  8. For the 2020 Conference we are seeking to extend participation by offering a virtual option.
  9. We are strongly in favor of co-operation with other similar societies.

A proposer is not expected to have firm answers to all questions at this stage. However, these items are important as a first checklist for you and for the ISEE Board to decide upon future ISEE conference venues.

A final decision for the conference venue of ISEE2020 is expected to be taken by the end of 2018. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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