Category: Graduate Programs

University of California at Berkeley

This is a graduate program offering a masters and doctorate degree that is trans-disciplinary and shares the philosophy of ecological economics. While no special degree of program in ecological economics is offered, those interested in

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University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh offers a masters degree that provides an opportunity to combine strong training in resource and environmental economics with fields such as conservation biology, environmental ethics, and soil protection and management among many others.

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University of Maryland

Maryland offers a certificate in ecological economics that can be obtained in conjunction with earning a masters or doctorate in Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Studies; Agricultural and Resource Economics; Public Affairs; Conservation Biology; Geography; and

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University of York

York’s department of economics offers an environmental economics degree that includes courses in ecological economics and options to study ecology and applied natural science.

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University of Leeds

The School of the Environment, a highly research active interdisciplinary department, offers a Masters programme in Ecological Economics with specialist options in sustainable consumption, climate change, biodiversity conservation, sustainable water management and sustainable regional development.

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University of Keele

The School offers an MA/Diploma course in Environmental Economics and Policy or Environmental Law and Policy (Which includes a course in Ecological Economics).

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Agricultural University of Norway

The course aims to give students: a solid basis in economic theory, with a specialisation in development and resource economics; knowledge, training and practical experience with economic methodologies; and deeper insights into the links between

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