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New Books Available

Did you know that ISEE has a book resource page? Check it out at Here are two new books to add to your collection. Herman Daly’s Economics for a Full World: His Life and

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The Economics of Infectious Disease

Recent Papers Perrings, C., Levin, S. & Daszak, P. (2018) The Economics of Infectious Disease, Trade and Pandemic Risk. EcoHealth, 1-3. Shanafelt, D., Jones, G., Lima, M., Perrings, C. & Chowell, G. (2018) Forecasting the 2001 foot-and-mouth disease epidemic

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Economics for Humans, Second Edition

Economics for Humans, Second Edition Julie A. Nelson, University of Chicago Press, December 2018 Times Literary Supplement “Passionate, to be welcomed in a discipline notably devoid of passion. . . . Can be read for pleasure and

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Routledge Handbook of Ecological Economics

50 original articles, by 63 international authors (a third female), providing an introduction to and overview of key issues in ecological economics. Ideal for teaching and learning about the field, its current state and future prospects.

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Updated: 10 December 2018 1 November 2018 Press Release and Book Form Environment Europe is delighted to request the pleasure of your company at the Private View of the ‘ECOSYSTEMS’ exhibition by Dr Stanislav Shmelev to

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New Book by The Green Economist Peter Bartelmus

New Book by Prof. Dr. P. Bartelmus Sustaining Prosperity, Nature and Wellbeing; What Do the Indicators Tell Us? by Peter Bartelmus begins by assessing the validity of available data, indicators and indices in decision- and policy-making. It

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Sustainability and the Art of Long-term Thinking

Publication new Book “Sustainability and the Art of Long-term Thinking” by Bernd Klauer, Reiner Manstetten, Thomas Petersen, Johannes Schiller Dealing with time is intimately linked to sustainability, because sustainability, at its core, involves long-term ethical

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Publication of new Book on “Social Ecology”

Social Ecology Society-Nature Relations across Time and Space Editors: Helmut Haberl, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Fridolin Krausmann, Verena Winiwarte A new book on “Social Ecology”. It represents something rare; a continuity of theoretical thinking across three decades,

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