Creating in the dark – Workshop Series

Facilitated by Anja Byg

As academics we mostly approach issues such as climate change and the biodiversity crisis with our intellect; analysing, debating and using logic to understand as well as advocate for what we think is the right response to these crises. But what if an intellectual understanding is not enough, neither for us personally nor for society to respond, adapt and transition to a more just and less harmful way of living? How can we engage emotionally as well as creatively, allowing ourselves to feel and express the emotions that necessarily must accompany such processes? How can we use our imagination to connect and to move beyond the same logic that brought us here?

In this 5-part workshop series, we will explore ways of engaging creatively with our emotions*, our fears and hopes and the stories that we carry, whether as baggage from the past or as something that can help us find our way through uncertain times. We will use creative writing as well as other forms of creative expressions. No prior experience of creative writing or the arts or any special materials are needed.

The workshop series is open to ISEE members only (If you want to become a member click here). There are 20 spaces available that will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The workshops will be run online (via Zoom) on the following dates: 14 Oct, 28 Oct, 11 Nov, 25 Nov, 9 Dec. 4-5.30 pm CET (time converter:

Use the add to calendar button to add the five workshop sessions to your calendar.

* While we will do our best to support participants emotionally it should be noted that the workshops are not intended as a form or therapy or replacement for therapy and we suggest that people in acute distress instead seek professional help, e.g. through the Climate Psychology Alliance.

Workshop Series

  1. Writing in the dark
  2. Seeing with more-than-human eyes
  3. Love letters to the earth
  4. Subversive carrier bag stories
  5. Dreaming of the future, being in the present

Anja Byg is a social scientist, arts school graduate and community organiser interested in the use of arts and creative methods in research, and as a way of challenging the status quo and facilitating change. Her work has focused on human-nature relations and people’s perceptions and responses to environmental change. She currently works as community connector for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in Wales (UK). You can find some of her creative work here:  


If you have any questions related to the organisation of the workshop series, please contact Paula Novo at

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